The iSave team in Minnesota is qualified to handle your Mechanical Insulation & Firestopping needs that the state of Minnesota demands with the booming bioscience and manufacturing industry.

Mayo Clinic building in Minnesota.

World renowned hospitals, such as Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota, have miles and miles of piping that need to be insulated and maintained for their heating and cooling systems to run efficiently and effectively. One dollar saved because of properly installed mechanical insulation is the equivalent of ten dollars in revenue in medical buildings and twenty dollars in hospitals. Roughly 40% of the country’s energy consumption is used by commercial and industrial buildings. In a cold climate that energy consumption can be even greater. With properly rated and installed Mechanical Insulation the iSave Team in Minnesota can help you reduce the cost of your facilities operation, control condensation, lessen the facilities environmental footprint by reducing CO2 emissions, and control the temperature of your process systems, all while giving you the best return of any energy efficiency upgrade or retrofit. Savings from Mechanical Insulation can be achieved at all points throughout a facilities life-cycle by insulating HVAC systems, process piping, duct, and refrigeration piping.

It is the goal of the Minnesota iSave team to provide highly trained professionals to install the lifesaving technology of firestopping. Firestops are physical barriers designed to prevent the spread of flames, deadly gases and toxic smoke through openings created during building upgrades and the installation of electrical, communications, plumbing, and ventilation systems, as well as grease ducts. Barriers also can fill breaches in fire-resistant walls and floor assemblies. Help protect the occupants of your facility by using a quality workforce to install this vital life safety technology.

The workforce of the iSave team in Minnesota is second to none. Through an extensive training process, job shadowing, and supervised work period, iSave Minnesota can offer you the best labor in the industry.

Mechanical Insulation saves energy, the environment, and your bottom line.