Firestopping consists of installing a material or combination of materials to form an effective tested system of fire, smoke, and gas barrier at fire rated construction. The operative word in the firestop industry is systems. All installations must conform to tested systems and be in accordance with local and national building codes. Systems must comply with applicable requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E 84, E 119, E 136, E 814, E 1399, E 1966, E 2174, E 2393, E 2307, and other standards as may be required.

Fire Stopping SystemsThe ISAVE Team Contractors who perform firestop work employ skilled technicians who are trained in safety and the knowledge of the numerous tested systems available to properly perform this life safety work. ISAVE Team contractor employees understand building construction and the rated compartmentalization required to insure a safe building. ISAVE Contractor employees have been on the front lines of the firestop industry from the very first need in the nuclear power industry.

ISAVE Team Contractors and firestop technicians understand the importance of passive building protection. Passive protection can keep smoke and gas from moving from one part or floor of a building to another. The extra time offered by this passive system can give inhabitants of the building the critical time necessary to vacate the structure.

Across the United States and Canada a variety of different trades perform firestop work. Unfortunately few installers have the necessary training to perform firestop work properly. Your ISAVE Team Contractor can assist you in this life safety component of quality building construction.