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Fire Stopping Saves Lives and Property

The ISAVE Firestop Contractors mission is to offer dysfunctional firestop markets an alternative to the “the guy who makes the hole fills it” approach. The ISAVE Contractors offer single source installation of firestop systems for the entire project thereby offering the owner and general contractor some piece of mind regarding building safety.

The firestopping segment of the specialty contracting industry is an ever-changing combination of codes, materials, and tested systems that are required to establish an effective barrier against the spread gas, smoke, flame, and moisture in fire rated construction. It is for this reason that an owner should consider highly trained individuals employed by ISAVE Team contractors to perform this work.

Our firestop contractors have highly trained, skilled, and safety oriented workers who have been instructed to understand and install complex firestop systems in rated floors and walls.

Fire Stopping saves lives and property. Specialized training is required to ensure code compliance in all buildings. These five steps will make sure you stay up to code.

  1. Hire a Qualified Contractor. Qualified Contractors will insure fire barrier integrity.
  2. Qualified Installers Hired Buy a Qualified Contractor.  Qualified Installers insure code compliance installations.
  3. Require Fire Stop Inspections.  Fire Stop inspections for code compliance makes all parties accountable.
  4. Implement a Barrier Management Program.  A barrier management plan organizes all efforts and coordinates operations to save you time and money.
  5. Hire a Single Source Specialty Fire Stop Contractor for the Entire Project.  Reduce your liability through a single contractor to perform all of the work.

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The iSave Team is proud to be an Exhibitor at various Conferences. If you have a conference that you believe we should attend, please contact us. Educating our community is large part of our efforts as Fire Stopping Saves Lives and Property. Check out our dedicated Fire Stopping Booth!

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