The ISave team in Maine are part of the “original” Green Industry…Mechanical Insulation!


We want to help you save money, save energy, and save the environment.

The Maine iSave team has been working to improve efficiency and lessen the carbon footprint of commercial and industrial facilities for over 100 years. The most impactful contribution that an end user can make is to properly install appropriate mechanical insulation on all required systems using qualified labor. Some of the systems that benefit from the installation of properly rated mechanical insulation are:

  • HVAC including steam, condensate, heating hot water, chilled water, domestic water systems

  • Process Piping including glycol, food products, edible oils

  • Ductwork including supply air, return air, fresh air intakes

  • Refrigeration including suction, hot gas, liquid

The iSave team in Maine is also focused on safety. Through the proper installation of firestop systems and the careful and safe removal of hazardous materials such as Asbestos, the iSave team can insure a safe working or living environment. The iSave team in Maine ensures that all of its team members are National Fire Protection Association safety trained, leading to safer jobsites.

Firestopping is an important life safety industry that should not be overlooked. When a fire protection system is used to seal openings and penetrations through a fire-resistant rated wall or floor, the fire-resistance can be restored, impeding the spread of fire and smoke through the facility.

Asbestos removal, done improperly, is very dangerous. The iSave team of Maine has qualified and experienced abatement specialists ready to handle the removal of your hazardous materials in a safe and efficient manner.

Energy Efficiency Rebates

The following are links to Maine Utilities rebate and incentive programs:

Efficiency Maine Custom Incentive Program