Energy usage has become one of the defining issues of the United States and Canada. Industrial and commercial buildings consume 40 % of the energy used on this continent. Properly installed mechanical insulation can increase system efficiency by as much as 80% or more. Mechanical insulation technology reduces the carbon footprint, fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and is sustainable.

No other technology can produce the results toward the above goals better and faster than mechanical insulation. When calculating heat loss data, mechanical insulation pays for itself within four to twelve months on average. Yes, months not years. Mechanical insulation is ready now to perform the functions it was designed to perform. It does not require long-term research and new technology. Mechanical insulation is ready now to assist the United States and Canada in reducing energy consumption.

Many manufacturers of mechanical insulation have embarked on programs to enhance their materials sustainability. Fiberglass insulation materials use more secondary market recycled glass containers than any other market on this continent.

ISAVE Team Contractors have been installing these green technologies for decades. They have quietly done the business of insulating the oil refineries, steel mills, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, schools, office buildings, high rise residence buildings, food processing plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and all manner of facilities that need energy to perform their functions in our society. While our contractors may not have been identified as ISAVE Team members back then, they have always done this important job. ISAVE Team Contractors are proud to be part of this important opportunity to save energy in the United States and Canada.