If you spent some time watching the videos on our homepage you will already know about the many corporations out there have taken the initiative to have their facilities energy efficiency analyzed. The Department of Energy's Save Energy Now Program was a national initiative of the Industrial Technologies Program (ITP). Companies nationwide could participate in no-cost energy assessments conducted by independent third parties. Mechanical insulation was one of the many items that were examined. The National Insulation Association (www.insulation.org) researched some of the finding of those assessments. Following are a few summary results of the published findings:

Boise Cascade (Paper Mill), Jackson AL
    - By replacing missing pipe insulation - Estimated savings $80,000 per year, cost to complet the work $25,000 = Payback in 3.8months

Eastman Chemical, Kingsport TN
    - "Dowtherm" systems not completely evaluated yet - Identified savings of $1,000,000 with re-insulation cost of $300,000 = 4 month Return on Investment

General Motors (Power Plant), Pontiac, MI
    - By replacing missing insulation and repair others - Estimated savings of $298,000 per year

National Starch (Power Plant), Indianapolis, IN Mechanical Insulation - Case Studies
    - By replacing and repairing insulation - Estimated savings $125,000 per year

Sterling Chemical (Chemical Plant), Texas City, TX
    - Improvements to the insulation - Potential savings of $123,000 per year

Dow Chemical (Chemical Plant), Hahnville, LA
    - By replacing, repairing, and improving insulation on steam system - Potential savings of $811,000 per year

Mead Westvaco, Silsbee, TX
    - Commissioned an "insulation strike team" to go through the plant to repair areas of poor, damaged or missing insulation. - They determined that reducing insulation heat loss by 10%, the savings would be over $486,000 per year

United States Steel, Gary, IN
    - Estimated that by using proper type, size and thicknes of insulation and improving maintenance of the insulation systems - Potential energy savings could be in excess of $1.5 million per year

Bayer (2 Steam Plants), Institute, WV
    - By improving and replacing missing insulation on the steam and condensate lines - Potential savings $926,000 per year