The following testimonials are from end users who have used ISAVE Team Contractors to perform mechanical insulation work. The data is produced using the 3E Plus program for computing heat loss, energy reductions, greenhouse gas emission reductions, and cost savings. In many cases, the testimonials are basic common sense results from performing mechanical insulation in building areas.

Mechanical Insulation TestimonialsWheaton College, Wheaton, IL. The owner asked an ISAVE Team contractor to assist in solving a high heat problem in a school building. The contractor visited the site and performed a heat loss analysis. The temperature in the small equipment room was over 140 deg. F. After the installation of mechanical insulation on bare steam pipe, valves, and flanges along with various heat exchangers and hot water systems the temperature in the room was reduced to below 98 deg. F.

A new hospital elected to eliminate the mechanical insulation from the wall domestic hot water piping. The facility received a credit of around $75,000 from the plumbing contractor. The savings to insulate the pipe with 1” thick fiberglass was around $37,000 per year. The payback was just under two years. With over 15,000 LF of pipe un-insulated the cost to the owner over twenty years would be over $980,000.